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Our services :                                                                                           


Inspection, on-site monitoring and support by a NACE CIP Inspector 1.

In order to stand out in terms of industrial coatings, we offer the services of a certified NACE inspector Level 3 trained in quality assurance and control in connection with:


  • prevention of corrosion;
  • surface preparation;
  • the application;
  • environmental conditions
  • control, coating mixtures and safety instruments.


It can perform non-destructive and destructive inspections of liquid and non-liquid coating applied to any substrate.  He has technical knowledge, problem-solving capability that can occur on a construction site.




Training, support and personalized advice on products and equipment


The expertise of the team is at your service to give you the necessary training to use our products and equipment. We customize the support according to the realities of your projects. You will have helpful tips before, during and after.



Equipement repair and maintenance 


We support you in the maintenance and repair of specialized recovery equipment. Ask our team.




Custom color development


Whether for wood, metal or any other material, thanks to our color specialists, we can make any of the desired color blends for you. It is only necessary to provide us with a reference color or a starting sample so that we develop the color in the product adapted to your needs.





Wood expert


Whether for a future construction, an existing home, a wood project such as a deck, fence, furniture or other wood project, our staff can help you demystify this material. The mechanics of wood is not a secret for our team, whether in the understanding of each essence by its properties up to the protection targeted to each type of use, we are your support to see clearly to all existing products on the market.


From foundations to finishing, our team is trained to advise you and guide you to achieve results that meet your expectations.